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My Two Muses

I know that it is has been awhile since I last posted but hey, I didn’t mean to disappear for almost two months.  I have been quite busy you know.  I have been practicing, writing, working and living with Sunny and Nikki.  Let’s not forget that living with my two avian companions is an adventure all in itself.  In fact, they are happily vocalizing as I compose this entry.  I am not sure what they are up to, but I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that they are happily shredding the paper that lines the bottom of the cage.  I caught them doing that this morning as well as yesterday.

Anyway, I decided to write a post about them today.  As many of you know, the girls are my two muses.  When it comes to creativity, they always manage to pop up and squeeze their way into everything.  Besides providing me with their constant inspiration and guidance, they also show great support for what I do.  Well, I see it that way.  Here is a classic example of what it is like working on a creative project while the two of them are sitting just a few feet away from me.

Last winter, I was working on a piece that Max Lifchitz asked me to write for his chamber orchestra.  The work, Revelations, had it’s world-premiere performance on October 30, 2011 at Christ & St. Stephen’s Church in New York City.  Due to a snow storm, I arrived late at the concert and missed the performance.  However, according to my sources, the work sounded great!

Now back to my story.  I was working very diligently on my piece while the girls chattered between themselves  As usual, I hit a roadblock and needed some words of encouragement.  I don’t remember what I was trying to “fix” in the music, but it probably had to do with either counterpoint, voicing or orchestration.  Anyway, I heard the girls having a very elaborate conversation with one another.  “Hello,” Nikki said to Sunny in her clear, parrot-sounding voice.

“Hello” Sunny replied in a soft, scratchy and muffled tone.

“Hello,” Nikki said again

Hello.” Sunny replied again.

This went on for a good couple of minutes.  After hearing about 20 hellos, I interrupted them.  “Girls!” I called out.

chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!” they both chorused.

“I need some words of encouragement,” I began, “Say something positive to help boost up my confidence.”

They briefly chattered to one another and finally Nikki spoke up.  “Nikki is a pretty bird,” she stated with full confidence.

I burst out laughing.  “No girls,” I said while laughing, “Say something positive about me, not the two of you.”

They didn’t say anything more, but strangely, they managed to lighten up the mood.  I finished up my work on a happy note.

If Revelations turned out to be a great piece of music, it is because of the girls and there positive influence.  It is nice to hear their enthusiasm while I do my work.

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