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Piano Duo Venti Dita Update

Piano Duo Venti Dita

Piano Duo Venti Dita CD

Well this was announced a while back but thought I would also mention it on my blog as well.  There has been a change in Piano Due Venti Dita personnel.  I, Jennifer Castellano, have moved on to pursue other musical interests and therefore am no longer apart of this unique piano team.  

So Piano Duo Venti Dita now welcomes Alison Neely.  I am glad for Marvin and Alison to be working together and I wish them a great partnership.  They both live in Princeton, thus making it easier to rehearse.  Since I am in New York (40 minutes above midtown), a lot of travel was involved when it came to Marvin and I rehearsing and performing in concerts.  Nevertheless, it was a fun three years working with Marvin and as his musical pal and sidekick, I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

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