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Do You Talk to Yourself?

Myself and Me

Ever since I was a kid, I have always found pleasure in talking to myself.  Now when I say talk to myself, I seriously mean talking and answering myself out loud.  If you could hear me talking to myself, you would think there were two people in the room.  It’s literally a two-way conversation

Since childhood, talking to myself provided me with much comfort and entertainment.  After all, if you ever get into an argument with yourself, you can never lose right?  But most importantly, talking to myself has also provided me with much mental clarity when it came to wisdom, problem solving and self understanding.

When I was a child, I would talk to myself while doing homework.  For example, when starting a new math problem I would ask,   “How do we do this one?”

I would then answer, “Well, you got to work within the parenthesis first.  Remember the order of operations.”

“Oh yeah,” I would say with a smile.  I would literally talk myself through the entire problem.  Talking to myself allowed me to focus better because it was almost like doing homework with a tutor or study buddy.  It felt as if someone were keeping me company.  Of course, I knew that no one was there except me, but when you are a child, it is so much fun to pretend.

Today, I continue to talk to myself.  In fact, I talk to myself at work, when I am practicing or writing music, when I am cleaning, etc.  Whenever I find myself alone with a task that needs completion, I find it helpful to talk out loud as I go.  Sometimes, when I need expert advice, I often go to myself.  Actually, I go to God first, and then I go to myself.  You get the idea.

As a child, I very much enjoyed retreating into my own little world.  It’s a lot of fun to go in your own little world because you know everyone there and they know you.  You are not a stranger or in my case, a weirdo.  Up until I entered junior high school, I had imaginary friends.  As a sensitive child, I didn’t handle losing friends very well and I could remember a particular time during one school year in which I didn’t have any friends to sit with at lunchtime.  Of course, I would not openly talk to myself when people were around because I knew I would come across as even weirder than I appeared to be, but sometimes I would talk to myself in a soft voice or whisper.  I would do that when I wanted to feel that sense of having a companion with me.  There is something quite magical and wonderful about the imagination.  If you imagine something long enough, it almost feels real.  On the outside, I didn’t appear as much; I was the uncool, deaf-blind kid who couldn’t act normal to save her life (PS I still can’t act normal but could care less).  However, despite how I appeared to others on the outside, on the inside I was very rich and lived in a magical world where the impossible existed.

Despite my imaginary friends fading away, I still continue to talk to myself.  I think I read somewhere that if you talk to yourself it is a sign of high intelligence.  Now that’s a nice bonus!  I never considered myself to be the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be a complete airhead either.

Allow me to share my list of benefits of talking to myself.  Some of these I have already touched upon briefly.

Talking to yourself is very therapeutic.

I seriously think I am my own best therapist.  My mother always told me that sometimes you got to be your own doctor.  Well, sometimes you got to be your own therapist too.  When I am feeling frazzled or anxious, a nice healthy conversation with myself can often do wonders.  It is amazing what you can learn about yourself if you simply talk to yourself.  Some of my greatest wisdom came about while having a conversation with myself and simply asking the question why?

Talking to yourself provides self reassurance.

Whenever I need a pep talk, I always have a conversation with myself.  I find it best to do this in front of a mirror in the bathroom.  However, in my opinion a mirror is not completely necessary.  Whenever I am getting ready to do something that I feel a little anxious about, I just say things to myself like “You got this.” “It’s going to be Okay.” and most importantly “You are not an idiot.”

Talking to yourself is a helpful tool when it comes to problem solving.

What better way to solve a problem then to talk it out with yourself?  When I was a kid, I helped myself solve math problems.  Now I talk to myself when I need help in matters ranging from making important decisions to keeping my two parrots’ hormones under control during breeding season.

Talking to yourself increases productivity.

Talking to myself helps me to complete tasks at work, compose music, practice the piano and organ, do any kind of housework, etc.  Basically, if I am alone and I am doing something, I am most likely talking to myself.  In fact it isn’t uncommon for someone to be in earshot of my conversations and ask: “Who are you talking to?”

I rarely feel lonely.

Seriously, whenever I am by myself with no other people around, I find myself constantly talking to myself without even thinking about it.  Because of this, I rarely ever feel lonely.  Sometimes I will find it to be a relief to be alone so that I CAN talk to myself and reflect.  I guess it’s because I always have so much to say and need to get it out of my system.  PS I have been told by quite a few people that I talk too much.

Well, I don’t know if I convinced you that talking yourself is completely beneficial.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought that it was still odd behavior.  You probably think I am weird and trust me, you wouldn’t be the first to think that.  My point of sharing this information was simply that: to share.  You can take it or leave it.  However, if you are like me and do talk to yourself, rest assured that you are not alone and are in good company.

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