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Animals in Heaven, One Catholic’s Perspective

st-francis-preaching-to-the-birds-Gioto di Bondone1299.jpg!Large

St. Francis Preaching to the Birds – Gioto di Bondone (c.1267-1337)

“We were taught that animals don’t go to heaven because they don’t have souls, ” my mother once told me.  She and my father had attended at 12 years of Catholic School.  My father also continued on to attend a Catholic College.  Then there is me who attended Public School and attended regular college, so what do I know right?

As a Roman Catholic, one of the things I struggle with the question of whether or not animals are included in God’s plan of salvation.  In other words, do they go to heaven or do they cease to exist all together after physical death?  I have received mixed answers from various sources.  Some people have told me that animals do not have souls because they lack free will.  Some, like St Thomas Aquinas, have mentioned that while animals do have souls, their souls are not immortal.  Therefore, when they die, their souls die as well.  Then there are a couple priests who have told me that, yes, animals do go to heaven because God is Love and thus He would never destroy that which He creates.

The thought of animals, especially my two avian companions, ceasing to exist after physical death is an upsetting thought for me.  I don’t know why I am so sensitive about it.  I am probably the only Catholic who prays for animals.  Animals have been a great service to us, providing us with transportation, clothing and food.  I pray for them all because like us, they are God’s creatures too.  Whenever I learn of an an animal companion who has passed away, I pray he or she has been reunited with God in Heaven.

One friend once said something like, “Oh I understand why you feel this way.  It’s okay to love your birds.  After all, you don’t have children.”  Perhaps, if I were married with children, I might sing a different tune about animals right?  Nah, I doubt it.

Another friend of mine said: “Well, you believe that your birds go to Heaven because you can’t stand the thought of never seeing them again after they die.”  I have to admit, she was partially right, but my ideas are not purely based on emotional attachment.

The Garden of Eden

In the bible, there are examples of God’s love for animals.  In the book of Genesis, God created everything: time, space, land and sea, vegetation, birds, sea creatures, land animals and human beings.  God created everything and everything was good.  Why was it good?  Everything was good because God created it.  It was not something that to be earned.  Prior to the fall of our parents, Adam and Eve, everyone lived in perfect communion with God.  You could say that all living creatures were in a perfect state of grace where there was no separation between God and them.  It is quite beautiful to think about, but this paradise didn’t last long.  After the fall of our parents,  the world became cursed and evil began to spread.  Thus we human beings became separated from God.

I imagine Heaven to be an extension of the Garden of Eden, which was meant to be an eternal paradise for God to live among all creation in perfect harmony.   If this is how it was in the beginning, why would God not want to include all creation in His kingdom yet to come?  The book of Revelations tells us that there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth.  Surely at the very least, our non human brethren would be included in the New Earth.  Wouldn’t you think?

Noah’s Ark

Everyone is familiar with the story of Noah, the guy that was chosen by God to build an ark or large boat for his family and himself to escape the great flood that God was going to send in response to humanity’s wickedness.  Because of Noah’s righteousness, He and his family would be spared.  Oh and wait, quite a few others were spared as well.  Who else came along for the ride in Noah’s ark?  Animals of course.  Remember that?  God told Noah to gather two of every kind.  This is quite interesting don’t you think?  God can create anything out of nothing.  I mean that’s how the earth came about right?  He could have easily told Noah to forget about the animals and just gather his family.  I mean after the flood ended, God could just recreate new animals right?  Why would God include the animals to be part of Noah’s ark?

This story illustrate God’s mercy and saving power for not just human beings but for all creation.  God is a lover of all creation.  His love is inclusive, not exclusive.

Someone once told me that animals reflect the innocence of God.  Sure, they don’t have a free will as we human beings do, but animals have something that we as human beings lack: the ability to live in the present moment.  Animals don’t fret about the future or get stuck in the past the way we do.  They live completely in the present moment and to continuously live in the present moment is to truly be in the presence of God.

St. Francis of Assisi

Why did St Francis address animals as his brothers and sisters?  Why did he treat them with such respect?  St. Francis viewed animals as part of God’s family.  He said of animals:

“Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission — to be of service to them wherever they require it.”

It is his love and respect for animals that makes him one of my favorite saints.

I had Sunny and Nikki blessed the day prior to the feast of St Francis to confirm their membership of God’s Family.  I got a lot of laughs from people but it felt like the right thing to do.   To learn more about Sunny and Nikki’s blessing read “To Bless or Not to Bless”

Why Do I Want Sunny and NIkki to Go to Heaven?

When you love someone, even a small bird whose head is smaller than your eyeball, you want only the best for him or her.  Many cannot understand what it means to love a small creature like a small parrot.  It is really not that much different from loving a human being.  Sure they do not have our intelligence, but they have the integrity, innocence and curiosity of young children.  Living with Sunny and Nikki is like living with two permanent two-year-old children!

Sunny and Nikki will both be 13 years old next year, and I love them more now than I did when I first adopted them.   I often include them in some of my spiritual practices, which include reading passages from the bible.  This probably sounds ridiculous to many, but in Chapter 16, verse 15 in Mark’s Gospel Jesus did say:

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news] to the whole creation.”

Well, the last I checked, the whole of creation included birds.

Anyway, I digress from the question at hand.  Why do I want Sunny and Nikki to go to Heaven?  I want the best for them, and what could be better than to be in eternal and perfect communion with God?

My wish for the girls going to heaven does not primarily stem from my wish for them to be with me, but rather to be well taken care of by God and be included in His plan of salvation.  I have had dreams about what it will be like after I die.  The dream is set in the future, and I do get to heaven.  In the dreams I do see those who have gone before me: family, friends and the animals I have known and loved.  For a short moment I see the girls.  All my loved ones are there, but they are not the main focus.  My main focus is being with God, the source of all Good and who is Love.  I believe that when we go to Heaven it will be exactly like attending Mass.  We will be in attendance as one family, which includes the angels, saints, and our non human brethren, but our focus will be on the one who has created us.  He is the reason that we love in the first place.

At the end of the musical, Les Misérables, a memorable line is sung:

“To love another person is to see the face of God.”

To love anyone, including something as small as bird is to know the love of God.  Like animals, we human beings are creatures.  We are all of God’s creatures and compared to His infinite power and love, we are but a speck of dust, but like I love two little birds, God loves all his creatures both great and small.


To Bless or Not to Bless

Sunny and Nikki September 2014

Sunny and Nikki
September 2014

That is the question.

The feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals, is October 4th, and every year around this time, I always ponder the idea of having one of my parish priests bless Sunny and Nikki.  St. Francis loved all of God’s creatures, and once preached a sermon to a flock of birds. He saw animals as our brothers and sisters because they were God’s creatures, just like human beings are.  He said of animals: “Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission — to be of service to them wherever they require it.”

I love this!  There is no one who would deny the importance of human life, but I find that the opposite is true when it comes to animals.  Animals are more than just creatures who roam the earth.  For many centuries, animals have been of great service to man by providing food, clothing and transportation.  And what about the animals who reside in our homes with us?

People love dogs and cats, but birds are still looked down upon when they are just as intelligent and loveable as their furry friends.  The famous line I hear from people is, “They are just birds.”  When I spoke about having my birds blessed to a family member she remarked: “I could see if you wanted to bless a dog, but birds?” When I mentioned St. Francis’ love of birds, another family member added, “He liked doves, not parrots.”  How did he know?  I think St. Francis would have loved being in the company of parrots.  If he were living on earth today, I bet he would enjoy a nice trip to the Bird Jungle in Scarsdale, NY.

Yesterday, I gathered my courage to call up my church rectory and explain my request to the parish secretary.  She seemed a bit confused.  “What do you want to have blessed?” she asked.  I guess Holy Rosary Church doesn’t get a lot of avian visitors.  Once I got the green light that one of our priests, Father Martin, was available, my father dropped the girls and me at the rectory and waited outside until we were finished.  While I was briefly waiting for Father Martin, I took the girls out of their carrier, placed them both on my left hand and held a towel in the my right.  I held the towel directly underneath them because I didn’t want the girls to leave any gifts behind if you know what I mean.

Father Martin arrived and greeted all of us.  He commented on how cute the birds were and assured me that I was doing a good thing.  It was nice to have one person confirm that I wasn’t completely nuts.  He led us to the sacristy, and before Father began the blessing, Sunny said “Hello” a few times, and Father said hello back.  I was surprised Nikki didn’t say anything since she is known as the big talker.  I guess she got a little shy.

Father recited a special prayer for animals while the girls watched him with childlike wonder.  He blessed them both with holy water, and I thanked him.  His blessing was very sincere.

I don’t know if the girls got anything out of it, but it was quite special for me.  Actually, it was like an avian baptism so I was thrilled.  I once read somewhere that looking at a bird can lead you back to God.  I believe there is truth in that, especially today. We live in a high tech world full of wonderful things created by man, but this is no match to the wonderful living creations God made.

Though we are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, we are still lacking in one area and that is love. I have found that animals are great teachers when it comes to learning how to love. Their love is so simple and unconditional, and I believe that this is how our Lord loves all of us.

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