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A Eucharistic Minister

Holy Rosary Church

Holy Rosary Church
Hawthorne, NY

A few years ago, I had told my parents that I was interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister and both they gave me a good chuckle.  I am not a devout Catholic.  I guess that is why I call myself a practicing one because I am still trying to get good at at it.  

I have always been fascinated by the mass and when I was about 7 or 8 years old, I remember telling my mother that I wanted to become a priest.  Her response was: “Oh you can’t be a priest.  Only men can become priests, but you can become a nun.”  I didn’t want to become a nun though.  I wanted to be a part of the mass and at my church, i never saw nuns participate in the mass.

Why exactly did I want to be a priest?  There was always something fascinating about watching the priest lead the mass.  I loved when they would give their homilies.  With some priests, it was like a real artistic performance as they would speak from their hearts and we, the congregation, would be attentively listening.  I loved how one person could inspire a large group of people.  But I remember one priest telling us that we all are priests because it is our mission to bring those around us closer to God, not so much by what we say, but what we do and how we respond to situations.


This is a prayer book I received when I made my First Holy Communion on May 12, 1990

A couple years after expressing my interest in becoming a Eucharistic Minister to parents, I actually followed through and became one.   Why did I wait a so long?  Well, I am not one who likes to act out of impulse.

I was installed as a Eucharistic Minister on December 22, 2013, but I did not serve my first mass until January 4, 2014.  So far I have served two masses and serve another this Saturday, February 15th.  Though I am still learning the ropes, I must say that it is quite an amazing experience giving out the blood and body of Christ.

I am hoping that being a Eucharistic Minister will help my relationship with God develop further and will continue to inspire me to serve as a fine example of love and unity.

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