Sight, Sound and Beyond

Is Summer Really Over?

Well, summer doesn’t officially end until the first day of autumn, which is September 22nd so I have a few days left, but seriously, where did the time go?  I think it went to the same place that my twenties went.  What I love most about the summer is the long hours of daylight.  I will miss how how it would still be light out at 7pm.  However, I won’t miss the heat and humidity.  We had a lot of that, and it was pretty uncomfortable.

So what did I do over these past few months other than get an iPhone?  Well, I thought I give you a recap of some of the exciting things that I did so here we go!

Gold Master Disc

     Piano Duo Venti Dita

Marvin and I recorded our CD.  Yes, we have the gold master disc and we are in the early stages of production.  We are quite happy with how the master sounds and are looking forward to the finished product.  We also have an official name now: Piano Duo Venti Dita (It. Twenty Fingers).  We are playing in a concert together this Sunday, September 23 in Bristol Chapel at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, NJ.  Actually it’s Marvin’s concert.  I will be acting as his sidekick, but hey, I am still in it.  Yea!  I love being included!

Squawk Back (excerpt)

     Squawk Back

I composed a piece for flute and tape called Squawk Back.  The girls, as usual, managed to squeeze in to this project.  The work was written for flutist, Meerenai Shim, who is looking for new works to perform and possibly record.  I don’t know if this work will be chosen but I am quite happy with how it turned out.  The tape consists Sunny and Nikki’s squawks altered to sound like a drum track.  It is a rhythmic ostinato that repeats through out.  In addition, Sunny and Nikki’s natural calls are mixed in to add an avian flavor.  The flutist plays along with the tape.  It is quite unique but then again, the girls always bring something unique to the table don’t they?


An Avian House Guest

I birdsat a 20-year old White-Eyed Conure named Vito.  He stayed with us for two weeks while his family visited Italy.  H and the girls squawked back and fourth.  I have birdsat Vito several times and it is always an experience because he he sounds like a bugle.

T-Coil Headphones

For years, I have always had trouble listening to music with headphones.  Because I wear hearing aids, that go behind the ear. wearing tradition headphones often both my ears.  Everything would sound distorted.  I also often get some interference and sometimes even feedback, depending on what I am listening.  I obviously can’t wear earbuds since I already have the earmolds that attach to my hearing aids in my ears.  So what did I do?  I purchased my very first pair of headphones from TecEar, which are designed for people who wear hearing aids that have a telecoil program.  Telecoils, also known as T-coils, are nifty little devices that are found inside a hearing.  T-coils allow sound to bypassthe hearing aid microphones and travel directly to the hearing aid via a magnetic field.  In the past I would wear a pair of headphones over my hearing aids, the sounds would travel through the microphones and thus become amplified.   Telecoil or T-coil headphones allow the sounds to bypass the microphones and travel directly to the hearing aid itself.  What is the result, crystal clear sound.

This is how the T-coil headphones are worn.

Yes!  I love these things.  I use them on my iPhone religiously and they work on any audio source that have a standard headphone jack.  My T-coil program is set to a t-coil and microphones mixture in both ears.  So I can listen to music on my headset and still hear environmental sounds around me.  It’s a win win situation!

T-coil headphones don’t look like conventional headphones.  In fact it is kind of like wearing coat hangers on your hears.  Okay, maybe not quite like that, but the ear hooks that sit behind your ears resembles that of a hook that you find on a coat hanger.  There are colored markering on each of the hooks: the blue is for the left ear and the red is for the right.  These are the standard colored markings used on hearing aids so people don’t try putting the left hearing aid on their right ear and vice versa.  It took me a while to get used to putting on and and taking off my t-coild headphones, but after a few days I became a pro and use them whenever needed.  They are a great invention and I am very happy with them.


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