Sight, Sound and Beyond

This is a picture of a Blank Canvas to represent my current lack of ideas.

When I was in high school, we were given an English assignment to write a poem that told a story.  I remember agonizing over what my poem was going to be about until I decided to write a poem about how I didn’t know what to write about.  The opening stanza went like this:

I cannot do this assignment today
I must write a poem that tells a tale
But I have no thoughts of what to say
This assignment is making me pail!

Likewise, I have been wracking my brain on what my next post should be about and have been come up empty.  I guess that’s what I get for telling my friend to say the abbreviation for Mount while pointing to his head.  Now, the jokes on me.

I really don’t have much to talk about lately.  Here are the most exciting things that have happened in my life since the last time I posted.

1.  Nikki laid another egg.  That makes a total of two so far.  I am hoping that this will be the last egg, but Nikki is always full of surprises.

2.  I finally finished mastering my CD and am now in the very early stages of manufacture and production.

3.  I started writing a string trio for a friend to play with her two daughters.

4.  I am getting new hearing aid molds next week.  Yeah, you heard right.  My audiologist recommended me getting new molds since the others are starting to wear down.  I pick them up on Tuesday.

Hopefully, my next post will be more informative but for now, that’s the latest.  I was hoping to have something interesting to talk about that relates to color and sound.  Perhaps an idea will hit me in the next couple days.  Maybe I will be elaborating on one of theses highlights.  Although, I hope I won’t be elaborating on Nikki’s egg thing as I want that to be over.  No more eggs.  My cousin suggested hooking her up with a male and I am like: “No, no babies.”  I have my hands full with two birds already and they are big girls now (7 years old).

So in the famous words of Porky Pig: “A-ba-dee, a-ba-dee, a-ba-dee that’s all folks!”,  Hopefully, I will write again soon!


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